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Food blog devoted to promoting and inspiring healthy living using fresh, organic and ethical produce.

I’m Matas. A London based healthy food, smoothie, exercise and yoga enthusiast.

Since discovering the boundless benefits of living a nutritious, well balanced diet, I have transformed my body from a groggy, tired and inefficient machine to a clear thinking, well energised and fully capable biological spaceship. Fascinated with our journey through space and time I’ve been immersed into a never-ending quest to tune my mind to my body, hoping to unlock the wonders of the universe and our true human potential.

Having previously battled with substance abuse, smoking and depression I would often go to bed feeling unfulfilled and demotivated. An avid listener of the Joe Rogan Podcast, I was finally inspired to replicate his ‘Kale Shakes’, quickly beginning to feel reenergised by the more nutritious diet. Soon I found myself getting excited about the ingredients I  was putting in to my body, recognising the subsequent effects they had on me. My mind began to feel clear and alert. I was enjoying having conversations with the local market traders, getting to know the seasonality of products. I developed a new-found enthusiasm for waking up in the morning and seizing the day right from the start. Ever since, I’ve felt compelled to share my experience in the hope that one day I might help inspire someone to ditch their bad habits and reinvent themselves to be a better person to themselves and to those around them. The universe really does formulate around your actions. What you put in, most of the time, is what you will get back.

All these shakes are made with organic and ethical ingredients. The fundamentals (Spinach, Kale) are usually bought from the supermarket, whereas the floating/seasonal ingredients are bought from my local fruit and veg market in Holloway. The extra supplements (i.e. MCT Oil, Whey, Flax Seeds, Raw Cacao) are optional and can be bought online. These are then usually mixed with water, as well as ice, to keep the shakes smooth and cool.

A well balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are essential to building a powerful immune system and a strong relationship with your body. I hope this visual journal inspires and motivates you to achieve that success.

Thank you for reading and, I hope you visit often!